What I scored at Renegade!

I didn't go too crazy this year, but of course I'm not going to walk away with nothing! There's always the mad dash when you steal away from your booth for a little bit to see as much as you can and I'm happy with what I got! I purchased from a few artists that I already have stuff from (Souldier guitar strap and Mary Ink shirts) but got some new items from some awesome artists I've met recently! Oh and the adorable little bag that Emily got for me from Nell & Mary. I WILL be buying more of their goods because their stuff is beautiful! P.S. Both soaphappy! and Earth Cadets are Show of Hands vendors! P.P.S. I also just realized that I completely forgot about a trade I did with Michelle Starbuck Designs.  I don't have an image of the pretty necklace I got but I still had to give her a shout out because she's amazing!